One-on-one training

Schedule time with our experienced shop manager, Sam Dirani. Sam knows how to run all the equipment. He’ll help you choose the right tool for the job and will get you up to speed quickly.

Whether you’ve run a CNC Mill or aren’t even sure what it does, Sam will tailor the training to your skill level.

The name says “one-on-one” but Sam doesn’t mind company, bring another member to the session and he’ll share the knowledge.

Learn more about our shop manager, Sam Dirani.

Design Services

When you know what it should look like, and you know how it should work, but don’t quite know how to get there—you need more than training.

Our optional design services can help you develop your prototype without the trial and error. We’ll help you build it fast, but also build it with an eye on reducing commercial manufacturing time and cost. Contact our shop manager to request a quote for this service.