Q: What are the hours at Hangar6?

A: Our current hours are 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday. We’re closed for lunch most days between 12pm-1pm but occasionaly have to take a later lunch to meet the needs of our members(send a message to the manager to get specifics for lunch-time closings that day).  We are also closed on major holidays. See our calendar.

Q: Where is Hangar6 located?

A: Hangar6 is located on 6 Davis Drive in the Research Triangle Park. We have free parking and there is a choice of restaurants nearby.

Q: Why choose Hangar6?

A: Hangar6 is a membership-based prototyping space for high-tech businesses. In our workspace we provide access to a variety of high-tech equipment and expertise to help you take a hands on approach to prototyping. At Hangar6 you can quickly explore solutions without the communication problems and wasting shipping time that can result from outsourcing.

Q: How much does prototyping cost at other places? 

A: Prices vary, but the development and creation of prototypes range from a couple thousand to hundreds of thousands.

Q: Can I just rent time at Hangar6 by the hour?

A: Only active members who have undergone shop safety training can access Hangar6. But if you have a specific project in mind, please reach out to us and we will do our best to help.

Q: Can I supply my own raw materials?

A: Our 3D Printers have very specific requirements when it comes to filaments and resins. We will provide a variety of filaments and resins at our cost to our members. Any outside filament/resin will have to be approved by the shop manager before us on one of our 3D Printers. As a convenience to our members, we will also eventually be offering a variety of other materials for purchase, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Q: I’ve never used this kind of equipment; can you teach me?

A: Yes! That’s what we’re here for. After your initial safety training, we’ll be happy to teach you how to use the equipment in our shop. Never be afraid to ask for help. Some of the more advanced pieces of equipment might require additional training, if so, we will have opportunities to sign-up.

Q: Do you offer contract prototyping services?

A: Hangar6 offers design and prototyping services for our members, either in-house, or through our trusted network of partner professionals.

Q: How much do Hangar6 design assistance services cost?

A: These are determined on a case-by-case basis, but any design/prototyping services offered to Hangar6 members will be at a subsidized rate.

Q: If I’m in the groove, can I work late at Hangar6?

A: Not at this time, but in the future we are hoping to extend our hours to allow members to keep working.

Q: Is there secure Wi-Fi at Hangar6?

A: Yes. Hangar6 has its own secure wi-fi network. Among other things, we will use it to automatically “check-in/check-out” members as they visit.